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You, the earth, play, fun, food, water and soul – each of us together as one.

Kaja Magnussen, New Equations Certified Teacher and foundation volunteer, is the lead teacher of our Kaja Safari program. From her farm in the countryside of Norway, she travels worldwide with her 1-2 day Kaja Safari program. She also welcomes people to her farm, where the program is held in this idyllic environment. The Kaja Safari program is for those who want to be with the magic of the earth and from that place see and feel the universe. The New Equations Foundation wisdom, and the brightness in the soul that each of us has, is what Kaja is lighting up through the Kaja Safari program.

Kaja Safari Events

Kaja’s Peace Hub is located in modern facilities in Garder, Norway, surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery.
During your stay, you will connect with nature and your own self on a much deeper level. With Kaja’s incredible
gentleness, she makes a huge impact on her surroundings. She brings calmness, humbleness, and kindness from
her soul. She has had a great impact on many people’s spiritual journeys, including mine. I strongly recommend
a retreat at Kaja’s Peace Hub.  With love from Norway — Anita Marie Båum

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Or contact Kaja Magnussen at kajamagnussen@me.com (47) 913-12616 (Norway)