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December 2014


Dear New Equations Foundation Community,

On the 20th anniversary of our discovery of the nine physical expressions of the soul (Soultypes), we want to reach out to everyone on our New Equations mailing list with our first New Equations Foundation newsletter and share with you a little of what has happened since we were last in touch.

We have both personally met and spent time with almost every person of the thousands receiving this newsletter. The beauty of what we have experienced through working with you cannot be fully expressed. It is an honor for us every time we meet another person and connect with them in this deep way.


We could not have imagined twenty years ago where this journey would take us, nor the way in which its evolution is helping humanity to move forward.
Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets, cofounders New Equations Foundation







The discoveries we made in 1994 are still the foundation for this work, and knowing your soultype continues to be unique in the world. It has given you the feeling of alignment with your soul, both spiritually and physically. This gives you an extremely useful insight about yourself and others. It is gratifying to now share how some of our new paths of exploration can help you build on this awareness and experience.


Your Soultype
Your soultype has a spiritual component that influences the way you use your body and your eyes. It shows in your facial expression, and it also affects how you see your world and frame your reality. Over the last 20 years we have pioneered this field of spiritual research which makes the wisdom of the soul physically and energetically manifest in the body for all to see, feel, experience and be with. 

When you were soultyped you experienced how your body expresses the inner strength of your soul. However, this is only part of the equation; the other physical expressions of the soul have a vibrant role to play, as well. Bringing in the support of the spiritual essence of all nine Soultypes enhances the way your body responds so you can more fully realize the potential of your soul’s gift. You can expand your ability to understand others and most importantly, evolve beyond who you currently are.



Support from all Nine
In our first newsletter we are presenting two easy and beautiful ways for you to receive support from all Nine. The first is by simply listening to New Equations Music! Since 2009 New Equations has composed over 100 hours of music designed to resonate with each of the body’s nine portals (Soultypes).

We invite you to listen to a six-minute composition for Portal 5, which is located at the top of your head. Click here to listen. While the music plays, either sit, stand, or slowly walk – whichever is most comfortable for you. Spend a little time touching the top of your head, then gently lengthen your spine, and notice how the music feels in your body and calms your mind. Note: the music may take a few moments to begin as it is in high resolution WAV format.

If you would like to enjoy a full 45 minute piece, you can do that, as well. Circles of Breath is for Portal 9, which is located between your shoulder blades. Spend a little time seeing if you can notice your breath expanding this area of your body as the music plays. You will find much more music in the Listening Rooms at New Equations Music.

We also offer a nine-portal New Equations Practice that aligns you with the purity of your soul. Doing this practice and listening to our body resonant music engages your portals so you can receive more spiritual energy. This enhances you as a spiritual being. Enjoy!



Spiritual research in Egypt 


We have long known that pre-dynastic Egypt was the cradle of this knowledge. In January, we will be taking a group of our qualified teachers and assistants to Egypt for a month to learn more about the physical expressions of the soul. We will research ways in which we can help bring spiritual energy more fully to humanity. Visits to related historical locations, such as the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, the Luxor Temple, and the Sphinx, will be significant in order to connect with that ancient time and further develop our spiritual research. We look forward to telling you about this trip in our future newsletters.


New Equations Foundation 


In order to help more people become aware of the ability they have to spiritually evolve through their physical body, we have established a nonprofit organization.

The New Equations Foundation is dedicated to the emergence of the wisdom of the soul and its alignment to the nine portals. Donations to the New Equations Foundation support the deepening and expansion of this work through research, education, public service programs, and scholarships.



How you can be involved 


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We welcome and look forward to your continued involvement with us. We offer several ways to do this:
– If you are moved to contribute to the New Equations Foundation, we welcome donations of any amount. For US residents, your contribution is tax deductible. Click here to donate.

– Through workshops where you will experience these developments, and more, in your own body. Or, create a workshop in your area with one of our qualified teachers.
– Connect with us on New Equations Facebook where you can share insights as you experience the music and practices.
– Learn more from our newsletters.
– Join New Equations practice sessions in your area – contact Myrna for more information at
– Volunteer your time and talents to help all of us at the New Equations Foundation.


Staying in touch 


We thank you for your participation in humanity’s spiritual evolution.
We would love to hear from you and look forward to sharing more with you in our upcoming newsletters.
Alan Sheetts and Siska Tovey
Alan Sheets and Siska (Barbara) Tovey
Co-founders of New Equations

New Equations Foundation Board of Directors
Siska (Barbara) Tovey, President
Theresa Fricke, Vice President
Gerina Gaffney, Secretary
Hillary Werhane, Treasurer
Alan Sheets, Board Member