Newsletter December 2015


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Winter Newsletter

December 2015


Dear New Equations Foundation Community, 

We hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season! As you know, the holidays are a time for giving and spreading love in the world, and what better way to do that than to donate to the New Equations Foundation!

New Equations Foundation is a not for profit charitable organization, which means that all donations are tax deductible - Yay!


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How To Donate


There are two ways you can donate to the New Equations Foundation:

  • Or, you may make a recurring donation - annually, semi-annually, monthly, or even weekly!


What Do You Support?


New Equations Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the physical body’s ability to connect with the spirituality of the universe. This gives us the opportunity to evolve as human beings in alignment with the soul.

The New Equations Foundation makes this possible through donations received for research, education, public service programs, and scholarships.


How You Can Be Involved


Alan Sheets with New Equations Foundation volunteers

We welcome and look forward to your continued involvement with us!