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June 2016



Dear New Equations Community, 


The New Equations Foundation has been developing new and innovative programs for people in our community. Our programs help people learn more about New Equations in a fun and accessible way!


Myrna Program for Children 


Myrna Jones, a New Equations Certified Teacher, is the lead teacher of our Myrna Program for Children. Myrna teaches children about ancient Egypt and how they can use the wisdom of the past to help them in the present. 


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Kaja Safari Program 


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 Kaja Magnussen, a New Equations Certified Teacher, is the lead teacher of our Kaja Safari Program.


Kaja welcomes people to Kaja’s Peace Hub on her farm, and also travels worldwide with her 1-2 day Kaja Safari Program. This program is for people who want to be with the magic of the earth and from that place see and feel the universe.


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With Kaja’s incredible gentleness, she makes a huge impact on her surroundings. She brings calmness, humblenss, and kindness, from her soul. She has had a great impact on many people’s spiritual journeys, including mine. I strongly recommend a retreat at Kaja’s Peace Hub. — Anita Marie Baum


Toddler Adventure Program 


Article ImageLaurel Avery, a New Equations Certified Teacher and certified Early Childhood Education teacher, is the lead teacher of our Toddlers Adventure Program. 


Laurel helps pre-school children find beauty and magic in being who they are. She knows that each child’s soul is unique. From the beginning each little soul shines – Toddlers Adventure supports this beauty by letting each child be who they are. Laurel takes the little ones through a magical journey using her creative artwork and her wonderful stories with music and movements. The New Equations Foundation is dedicated to the wisdom of the soul. What is more profound than the soul of a little child?


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How you can be involved 



We welcome and look forward to your continued involvement with us!



Staying in touch 


We hope to see you soon at one of our prgorams! 
Jenna Tovey
Communications Manager
New Equations Foundation