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November 2015


Dear New Equations Community, 

It’s been quite some time since we last sent a New Equations Foundation Newsletter! We have been happily engaged with all of the new developments in the New Equations Foundation, and we are now writing to you about our life changing research expedition to Egypt

This past January the New Equations Foundation traveled to Egypt. Along with Alan Sheets and Siska Tovey, the cofounders of the New Equations Foundation, twelve volunteers came to learn about the wisdom of the nine Forces of Nature and how the ancient wisdom in Egypt continues to influence people today.

While researching ancient wisdom our knowledge increased hugely and we also had a lot of fun along the way!


Researching the Ancient Wisdom
When we went to Egypt in 2009 we were constantly drawn to the spiritual purity of the Great Pyramid. We believe that much of the spiritual energy that exists in Egypt flows directly from its magnificence. With that knowledge in mind, on this trip we researched the spirituality of the Great Pyramid and the effect it has had on the wisdom that is present in Egypt as well as the effects it had on all of us.



Meetings at the Great Pyramid
Thanks to the donation of the meeting space, the New Equations Foundation was able to do much work in the Mena House Hotel at the base of the Great Pyramid. What a view!
The pyramid on the left is the Great Pyramid seen from our meeting room.
After our long days we had the opportunity to listen to music enveloped by the 
radiant energy of the pyramids! Photo: pianist / composer Siv Roland at the keyboards.



Spiritual Research 

Alan and Siska did research with the group to see if the volunteers could strengthen their spiritual connection to themselves and the world around them using the energy in Egypt. We found that the spiritual energy that Egypt contains had a huge impact on our learning as well as our own individual evolution.
Our research included doing the New Equations Spiritual Postures and the New Equations Spiritual Practice. These practices align you with the purity of your soul so that you are able to receive more spiritual energy. The group found the practices to have more impact than usual because of the amount of spiritual energy present in Egypt.   
   Theresa Fricke and Alan Sheets                 Alan Sheets and Anita Costa
If you would like to try one of the practices, the New Equations Practice is free on the New Equations Foundation website!


The Great Pyramid
         Myrna Jones and Phoebe Whipple in front of the Great Pyramid

We had the privilege of going inside the Great Pyramid nine times during our trip. Once inside the pyramid, we climbed hundreds of stairs in order to make our way into the King’s Chamber. Through our time in the King’s Chamber, our experiences, and the research we did, we have come to understand that the King’s Chamber is one of the places on the planet that contains a very pure and concentrated spiritual energy. 

With each visit to the King’s Chamber we worked on focusing on the energy of a different spiritual portal – connecting the past wisdom of that portal to the present – strengthening the energy of all nine on earth today.


The Sphinx 



We were able to visit the Sphinx twice during our visit. This was very important because we learned that just like the Great Pyrmaid, the Sphinx contains very powerful spiritual energy. Alan and Siska worked with the group between the paws of the Sphinx, testing to see if they could help strengthen the connection to the spiritual energy within the beautiful statue – specifially for Portal 1. We found that everyone was profoundly moved by this experience.




The Luxor Temple 



The Luxor Temple or The Temple of Man as we like to call it, plays a very significant role. Over the last 22 years we have done much research surrounding its magnificence, and how it was used in ancient times. Thanks to R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, we know that the temple perfectly represents the dimensions of the human body.



Something we discovered is that there are nine special locations in the temple, each location housing the energy of one of the nine Soultypes / Spiritual Portals. While we were inside, Siska led everybody through the temple to see if when we listened to a piece of New Equations Music in the location that it correlated with – would it enhance our experience? Everybody agreed that combining the music with the location of the same portal created a profound experience greater than we could have ever imagined. 


What Fun We Had! 


      Left to right: Siska Tovey, Siv Roland, Alan Sheets, Mohamed Nazmy

We had no idea just how phenomenal our experiences in Egypt would be, nor could we have possibly predicted the incredible hospitality that we received. The President of Quest Travel – the kind hearted and loving Mohamed Nazmy – was our guide. Because of their love for Siska and Alan, and the work that Siska and Alan do for humanity, Mohamed Nazmy and Tarek Lofty, Assistant Director of Sales and Marketing at the Mena House Hotel, gave us discounts on rooms, meals, and donated meeting space at the hotel. Donations such as this made the foundation research possible as we could do it in the most productive environment. We were able to not only achieve our research goals but this journey far exceeded our wildest expectations!


Great Pyramid seen from the Mena House Hotel                         The Afandina on the Nile


                    Abydos Temple                          Emil Shaker, Siska Tovey     Eleri Thomas, Mohamed
                                                                                                                    Nazmy, Kaja Magnussen



How you can be involved 



We welcome and look forward to your continued involvement with us!



Staying in touch 


It is a pleasure to share these experiences with you and we would love to hear from you!

Myrna Jones
Volunteer Coordinator
New Equations Foundation